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Priyanka Karki Miss Teen Nepal 2005


Q.  What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day?


No special plans as of yet… I

think love should be celebrated everyday. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other and when you have found that special someone, everyday should be Valentine’s Day.




Q.  Is Valentine’s Day the best day of the year to get engaged?


Not necessarily the best day but it is definitely going to be historic to get engaged on the day of love.




Q.  How romantic do you expect this Valentine’s Day to be?


Like I said, of course the clichéd ‘love day’ notion is there and it is a big deal but

for me it is definitely going to

be just another day.




Q.  What’s most important to you when choosing a significant other?


Understanding, he has to understand me and accept me the way I am. Love me for who I am without trying to change me.




Q.  Do men know what women want?


Majority of the times, they don’t.


Q. What do Women want for Valentine’s Day?


Women want that day to be special. They want their significant other to do special things for them, to make it memorable… Gifts, chocolates, maybe a lot of red!!




Q. What’s the best way to ask the person you have just been dating for a Valentine date?


Well, if you are already dating, I think it should be very naturally understandable, but if not, the best way to ask would be to just say it out I think. Since, it is the first Valentine’s date, one should be careful in making it special though.




Q. If you have to take out your date where would you go?


Paris – The city of love





Q. Would you like to offer anything special to eat?


I would leave it entirely up to him. It would be his choice.



Q.  What would be your preference when it comes to drinks?


I’m a wine person and I think a glass of wine for the lady sounds very romantic.




Q. Any good wine to drink with your Valentine?






Q. Some favorite desserts

 to have together…


Absolutely has to be ice-cream




Q. How do you best handle V day when you have to work?


Just deal with it. That’s life I think.



Q. Any special dish you’d like to cook for your crush?


Momos – we can make them together. That would be so special.




Q.  You would like Flowers or Candy or something specific?






Q.  You would love Candle Night dinner or Fancy Restaurant?


Candle light dinner




Q.  How should one celebrate Valentine’s Day if s/he is single?


Just spend the day like any other day.




Q.  Any fun outdoor activities you’d like to do with your crush on Valentine’s Day?


Bungee jump…but both together on a same rope.




Q.  If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be?


Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut…



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