Wine FAQs

Why are some wines not suitable for vegetarians?

Sumitra Karki

Naikap, Kathmandu


Normally this is because of the agents that have been used to ‘fine’ or clarify the wine, which can be animal derived products like isinglass (from fish) or gelatin (which can be derived from animal bones). There are alternative fining agents like PVPP, a synthetic agent, and Casein which is made from milk (so not ....

What does it mean when a wine is listed as “drink now”?

Sandesh Pakhrin

Jwagal, Lalitpur


A window of “drink now” means that the taster doesn’t believe this wine will improve with any additional bottle age. Many (actually, most) wines are ready to drink upon release, and many wine drinkers prefer to enjoy these wines when they’re still young and have their youthful flavors and structure. Ho....

Does the age of the vine affect the quality of the wine?

 Samikshya Sijapati

Teku, Kathmandu


You will sometimes see on French wine labels the term Vieilles Vignes (“old vines”). In California, many Zinfandels are made from vines that are more than 75 years old. In Europe, South America, Australia, and South Africa I’ve tasted many wines that were made with grapes from vines that are over 100....

How much wine can I drink without damaging my health?

Manish Kakshapati

Jyatha, Kathmandu


First of all, I’m not a doctor: if you have any concerns about how your drinking might be affecting your health, you should visit your General Physician. Beyond this, the answer is unclear. It’s hard to give precise limits because people differ in their ability to metabolize alcohol (big people can drink a lot ....

How can you taste tannin in wine?

Kiran Shrestha
Maijubahal, Kathmandu

Tannin is tasted at the back of the tongue and tastes bitter like a strong cup of tea that makes your mouth fur up. It also has the sensation of an underripe or green banana. Tannin comes from the skins of the grapes and from oak ageing. It is mainly found in red wines.


What does the color of the wine explains about wine?

Ramesh Rana
Dhobighat, Lalitpur

In terms of white wine, it become deeper (more golden) with age. Whereas in red wines, the more purple the wine, the younger it is. In young wines, the color is usually uniform. The more brown, tawny or orange the wine, the older it is. With age, the color is not uniform and is lighter at the rim of the glass compared with the centre.