Why Zinfandel Lovers Should Head To Croatia?

- By Kate Springer 


America claims zinfandel as its own-but Croatia has something to say about that.

Zinfandel is misunderstood on many levels. It’s way more than a boxed wine downed by college kids and book clubs. There’s the blush we all know, and then a peppery, full-bodied red that we dare to say-yes, we dare-could compete with any shira....

Toughest Foods to Pair with Wine

Food and wine pairing has always been the trickiest part for anyone, be it a housewife, a wine enthusiast or even a wine expert.  And then there are some dishes or even some ingredients, which are really tough to pair with a wine. But if you seriously look into the matter, you may be able to find out a perfect pair for these toughest foods as well. There are a lot of these, out of which we....