Pauline’s Garden Baluwatar, Kathmandu

Posted On December 10, 2017

Serenity….. This is what I exactly felt when I entered Pauline’s Garden.  In the heart of the city yet far from all the noises, just the melodious chirping of the birds is what you encounter in terms of sound here. 

The brain child of Pauline Driard, a young French entrepreneur, Pauline’s Garden is a perfect example of determination, hard work and passion for whatever you do. Pauline started her journey of entrepreneurship from B&B in Paris, followed by guest houses in Chandeshwori, Tokha and then ventured into Pauline’s Garden in Lazimpat. But soon, she had to leave that space. But her passion led her to establish it back, this time in a quit lane in Baluwatar. She is also running 3 Rooms by Pauline, again a B&B in Babarmahal Revisited. Pauline thinks it’s really easy to be an entrepreneur in Nepal comparing to other countries, you just need to focus on what you are doing and you should give your 100 percent to it. 

You don’t feel like you are in a restaurant until you get a menu and you order food or drinks here. You feel you are in a beautiful, well maintained park. A gazebo, a roof top space, huge garden with varieties of plants, grasslands, chirping of birds soothe your brain and soul. 

Pauline’s Garden consists of a small kitchen, a rooftop space for dining, a gazebo with a table, and few chairs and tables in the garden, all surrounded by plants. There’s also a beautiful bunglow in the premise which is right now used by Pauline herself for residential purpose, but she has a plan for expansion here too. 

The menu is quite simple here, not much elaborated and that is what makes it very special. Pauline has not stuffed her menu with unnecessary dishes. But whatever is there, she makes sure, it comes on your table in perfect condition, appealing, good aroma, fresh and full of taste. Most of the ingredients used are organic, all dairy products are fresh, breads are freshly baked. Her brother Francois Driard is not an uncommon name in Nepal. He is one of the most popular cheese makers of the country who produces varieties of fresh cheese from his factory, Himalayan French Cheese. Thanks to Francois too, we get freshest of cheese in Pauline’s Garden. 
The menu here focuses more into Continental, French and Italian Cuisines and there’s always something special on offer which changes every week. 
We started our meal here with Caprese Salad, a very simple yet amazing Italian salad of Fresh Mozarella, Fresh Tomatoes and Fresh Basil with light olive oil dressing. I have indulged myself into Caprese Salad a lot of times in my life, this salad in Pauline’s is the best one I have ever had. The major reason of it being extra ordinary is the mozzarella, the freshest one. The mozzarella was not at all chewy, it was soft and fluffy making you want for more. And complementing the mozzarella were the fresh crisp tomatoes and very aromatic fresh basils. 
Then arrived the ravioli. Pastas have always been on top of my favorite list, and Ravioi has always been the number one. The ravioli had the stuffing of fresh mushroom, spinach and cheese and was served with cream sauce with mushroom on top and fresh lettuce salad. Juicy, full of flavor ravioli went perfect with its creamy sauce, and mushroom was like cherry on top…

Roasted Chicken was one of the main courses we had in Pauline’s. It was a perfectly done, juicy and tender, not at all dry. Served with sauce and salad, it was a perfect meal.

Desserts have always been an inevitable part of every meal. In Pauline’s you get to indulge into classic desserts. We ordered Tiramisu, popular classic Italian dessert followed by Chocolate Mousse, everyone’s all time favorite. The Tiramisu was a perfect blend of Mascarpone, Chocolate Sponge, coffee and chocolate. Soft, juicy and melt in mouth kind of. The Chocolate Mousse too was equally good, soft and creamy.
French Press Organic Coffee was a perfect after meal treat for us. Pauline makes sure to order it from her regular supplier who supplies the same coffee every time making the taste consistent for the customers. The aromatic coffee was full bodied with real nice flavor of perfectly roasted beans, freshly grounded.  

Pauline’s Garden is one such place in Kathmandu which has that capacity, ambience, service and taste that can make you forget your hectic life and stress. Few hours here, and you will feel rejuvenated. 

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