Romesco Salad

Posted On December 10, 2017

Serve for 4


Romesco Sauce

700 gm Tomatoes 

300 gm Red Bell Pepper

30 gm Garlic

20 gm Sunflower Seeds

20 gm Walnuts

1 tbsp Bread Crumb

45 ml Sherry Vinegar

100 ml Olive Oil

To taste Salt  

To tate or 1/2tsp White Pepper Powder

For Garnish

10 gm Air Dried Beets and Carrots

40 gm Carrot Ribbon

40 gm Radish Ribbon

40 gm Beetroot Ribbon

150 gm Mix Lettuce

30 gm Spring Onion

30 gm Asparagus

5ml Reduced Pomegranates Juice/ Sauce  


Roast tomatoes with peeled whole garlic and cool them off.
Roast red peppers. Peel the skin off & keep the flesh only by discarding the seeds & steam.
Toast the bread with butter on a pan. 
Keep air dry crispy vegetables & crispy garlic chips ready for garnish. 
Now, take toasted bread, tomatoes, pepper flesh, vinegar, seasoning, nuts & olive oil & puree to a sauce. Check the seasoning- the consistency should be thick.
Shave the vegetables with a peeler. Chill blanch asparagus and all leaves. 
Place sauce on a plate & keep adding shaved vegetable rolls on top, spike asparagus, spring onion, lettuce & sun dried vegetables in between, sprinkle pine nuts and a bit of olive oil.
Put finally dripping of Pomegranate sauce & serve.